Monday, June 16, 2008

Claims British MP used his influence to defend man at centre of police investigation

It has been claimed that a British MP actively intervened and used his influence to defend a man who is at the centre of police investigations into alleged harassment. The following statement appeared on a blog created by supporters of Jeremy Young - a man who has repeatedly described others wishing to masturbate over images of hiss stillborn baby - images he writes about being kept "among the porn on my pc".

Thanks also to the Bradford MP who also got involved to help fight Jeremy Young's corner.

Along with his supporters, Young has been reported to police in three countries for systemised harassment of those involved in raising awareness of child welfare issues. The harassment includes spoof blogs using sexually offensive material - including the use of images of babies taken without permission from an NSPCC awareness campaign, obscenely altered photographs of a 75 year old woman - who was the admitted target of a hoax complaint with New South Wales Police, and the public ridicule of a British teacher and her school by posting a fake article involving sexual activity.

If the claim is true, the question must be asked why an MP in a city dubbed "the city of missing children" would intervene to protect a man at the centre of investigations by West Yorkshire Police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

I have contacted the MP for Young's constituency to allow him the opportunity to confirm or deny such a serious allegation of misuse of public office. Details of the claim have also been sent to The Home Office for comment.

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