Saturday, June 14, 2008

How Young and his cohorts work

This is an example of how Jeremy Young and his cohorts such as Jill Havern, discredited operator of the Freeway Driving School, Copston Grove, Birmingham work.

As you can see it is a direct rip-off of this blog. If you are wondering why there is so much edited, it is because this little charmer used the person's real name and school.

The matter has been reported to West Yorkshire police (Bradford) along with examples of how Young had fabricated statements made by Bradford Police.

On his blog, Young, from a city described in Australian media as the "city of missing children" he has also published the names of address of other females - merely because they are connected with me.

Young always picks on females - but considering his family history, that is hardly surprising.

How's your wife and baby Jeremy? Have you described in lurid detail others masturbating over their image as you did with your stillborn baby?

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