Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jeremy Young does a runner - a coward as well as an exploiter of his own baby

This was posted on one of the many spoof blogs created in my name. The statements they make concerning West Yorkshire Police are untrue. I have received NO SUCH instruction from West Yorkshire Police. It is the second time they have fabricated statements by West Yorkshire Police. Both Sgt Alan Travis at Bradford South, and the IPCC who are investigating, have been informed.

Silence is Golden

I think we can now safely say that exposing the 'hidden agenda' of Mike Hitchen as the 'Pervert who exploited, and cashed in on, Madeleine McCann' - as opposed to his self-proclaimed mission of being 'The Voice for Madeleine McCann' - has been worthwhile. It is now apparent what his agenda was - money.

He saw a golden opportunity to make money from the tragedy of a 3 year old girl, and he grabbed it with both hands. As he was being 'exposed' he turned his humiliation into a hate campaign involving innocent people and babies in order to try to drag them down with him.

First he had his website suspended until he removed all libellous and offensive material. And now he's been told to clean up his blog. He's almost complied with the police request by removing all but one of his libellous blogs, as he clings on to the last remaining thread of what's left of his dignity after being publicly exposed and humiliated.

Just a little more persuasion by West Yorkshire Police to Hitchen to finish his cleaning task and I think we will see the end of this hate campaign. Jeremy will also work on having all the filth about him removed from the internet, for the sake of his baby son, but that will take time. The McCanns have been informed of Hitchen's activities, and what they do about him selling their daughters trademarked name is their business.

Thank you West Yorkshire Police. Thanks also to the Bradford MP who also got involved to help fight Jeremy Young's corner.

Thank you, also, to everyone else who contributed to these blogs to help rid the internet of the hideous hate campaign against Jeremy and his babies, JKH, and Jane Freer, which was instigated by Mike Hitchen and finished by us.

Unless anything else happens - such as the publication of the video about Jeremy's stillborn baby - these blogs will remain here until such time as Hitchen removes all libel from the internet, but they won't be updated as there is no point in rattling Hitchen's cage. The maggot has gone underground where he belongs and we consider his silence a victory.

His blog and secret forum are pretty much defunct. He has been told to behave and I hope he does.

If not, we will be back.

Thank you,

Blog Owner

As I said, I have not received any request from West Yorkshire Police. The only request I received was from Bravenet, the host of my business website. Young and his cohorts made numerous references to my business website and URL, and I felt I had the right to address those allegations. I am currently discussing the situation with Bravenet's legal department.

What they also fail to mention is that they had been pulling their spoof blogs for some time before I decided to delete a few blogs that I had created to tell the true story of young and his children.

As for Young working on removing what he describes as "filth" about him - bullshit. The only thing remaining are the blogs. Blogger will not remove content without a court order. As for West Yorkshire Police ordering me to remove content - I live in Sydney. I hardly think a neighbourhood watch desk jockey has jurisdiction in New South Wales..

My will not be removed - but I can't make the same guarantee about the son whose welfare is a grave concern to many.

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