Saturday, March 14, 2009

About Jill Havern

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Jill Havern is an author who also operates the Freeway Driving School in Selly Oak, Birmingham, U.K. We first met when I was blogging about the tragedy of Madeleine McCann.

Wherever Jill went, she caused suspicion. Information people had given her was "accidentally" leaked to others. I had personal experience of her "accidental" leaks when she went to another forum and published an entire email I had sent her.

Jill wrote a book called "Silent Treatment" in which she makes allegations about the British National Health Service. She gratefully accepted my suggestion that I write a review of her book and keep it on top of my popular blog for a couple of days. Later, she asked me to write a foreword for her new book - I accepted. It is at this time that Jill showed her true, twisted colours.

Unprovoked I came under attack from Jeremy Young, the man who makes sexual remarks about his stillborn daughter. A couple of times I asked Jill about the foreword, but she seemed more interested in trying to entice me into a, "I'm a naughty girl" conversation - something she did many times in posts to my blog - hence the title of this particular blog.

For some reason best known to herself, Jill somehow thought I either wasn't interested in writing the foreword - or in her. Or both.

She hooked up with Jeremy Young and became a key player in his attacks on myself and anyone who supported or was connected to me.

Attempts to publish abusive, intimidating and threatening comments were made to my blog - in their thousands. Then came the publication of personal information to a wide variety of forums, including those of national newspapers. Much of this information was years old and stolen from forums where we could at that time, post in relative safety. This included details of my relationships, family and family background. My late father's personal information was posted, along with his work history.

When I wrote the review for "Silent Treatment" Jill kindly sent a free copy to my mother. When she jumped into bed with the Bradford sicko, she then started attacking her. A 75 year old woman became the target for her venom. Her first tactic was threatening to send her hate mail.

She then boasted about how she lodged a hoax complaint to police that I abused my mother. This resulted in two officers from the New South Wales police calling on Feb 12. Havern then joked about it on Young's blog and private forums. My mother was present when the police called and aware of what had been happening. When it was explained and the two officers had seen copies of the emails and attempted posts, they dismissed it as the work of a "sick nutter".

Then came the spoof blogs designed to mislead readers into thinking that I publish them. They contain my name, photograph and have almost identical URLs to my own legitimate business blogs. They contain pornographic images and altered photographs of myself and people connected with me.

To add insult to injury, Jill also complained that I didn't write the foreword for her book! When I wrote and published a review of her book, I did so for free. I told her I would do the same for the foreword. That did not stop Havern telling everyone that she did not expect me to do it for nothing and had donated $50 to my blog. What she omitted to mention, was that a couple of months previously she posted to my blog that she had donated $50 to another blogger for his trip to Portugal!

Somewhere in the twists and turns of her dimly lit cobble stoned mind, I became the bad guy.

Havern and Young suit each other - proof that like attracts like.

The above is given as background information on a woman who not only defends a man who talks about people masturbating over images of his dead daughter, and relations between seven year olds and their mothers, but willingly helps him in his attacks on those who speak out against someone most right minded people would describe as a sick pervert.

UPDATE: 10 Feb 2008. Email received today (one of many from the same person - one claiming that Havern had been boasting she had made the police close me down. Oh dear, the truth is so difficult for some)
"Fro your blog, your talking about the spoof blog which was completely
masterminded by Jill Havern and you said "legal action is pending" (as per below). She got away with it and there's now the anna raccoon blog which is having a right pop at you as I said earlier, just when you thought she'd let go....................................."