Friday, June 6, 2008

The truth behind Jeremy Young - Bradford's "stillborn baby" sicko

A new video documentary will soon be launched detailing the true story of Jeremy Young's stillborn baby. It is a story of betrayal by both Young and his wife - a woman so inadequate and so unconcerned about her children, that she sat back and watched as Young, the caring father, described in lurid detail others "wanking" over the image of his dead baby. Not the sort of remark I would expect from a father - even one with a chemically eroded brain - and not the sort of support one would expect from a devoted mother.

This is the same man who in between taking bizarre photographs of a dead baby, (one has to wonder why considering his use of child porn in online campaigns against bloggers) writing poems about mental disorders, a seven year old boy having "experience" with his mother (who was the boy and who was the mother Jeremy?) and children being "belted" by drunken fathers, wrote about drinking wine while pulling his daughter's image from "among the porn on my PC".

It is the story of the incompetence of West Yorkshire police. The same police force so heavily criticised for their mishandling of the Shannon Matthews case were happy to ignore the use of child porn because it was put in the "too hard basket" by officers who plead ignorance of the law as a cop out. Concern for Young's new born child was dismissed by both the police and Britain's notoriously inefficient social services. It was a Yorkshire social services department that boasted they had monitored Shannon "very, very closely until the day she disappeared"? We all know how effective that strategy was don't we?

Bradford was described on Australian radio as the city of missing children. questions were asked about how so many children could go missing without the education department, police or social services, doing anything about it. That's easy to answer. Total incompetence and indifference.

Britain has a dark history of child abuse and child neglect, and Jeremy Young is a man who continues to exploit his daughter for his own agenda, aided and abetted by

* a man whose blog is adorned with an image of a penis and littered with the C word
* A discredited author and discredited driving instructor whose driving school business directory entry was suddenly filled with glowing testimonials from people who would have had to fly to Selly Oak for a lesson
* Those who hid behind me while I did what they lacked the courage to do themselves.
* A graphic designer from Swansea banned from almost every forum for attacking those who question the McCanns, and who is allegedly known to Robert Murat's lawyers for similar tactics. It is she who is reported to be behind the fake i On Global Trends entry naming a teacher and her school, as being involved in a sex scandal.

In other words, a rag-tag army of life's rejected and life's losers. It is no wonder so many decent professional people have concerns for the safety and welfare of his new born son.

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