Monday, March 31, 2008

Myra Hindley used to defend "stillborn baby" sicko Jeremy Young

An image of Myra Hindley has been used to defend Jeremy Young, who was recently investigated by Bradford police and "other agencies" over numerous sexual remarks he made about his stillborn baby.

His supporters superimposed an image of award winning blogger Mike Hitchen, known for raising awareness of child welfare issues, on to a photograph of Myra Hindley - the notorious child sex killer.

Young's supporters who include author Jill Havern, herself the subject of a complaint with West Midlands Police and the Driving Standards Agency (due to unethical conduct) have also targeted two other high profile child welfare campaigners - both known to UK media.

Their methods which are becoming increasingly organised and sophisticated, have included the use of "spoof" blogs containing sexual references and images; self-confessed hoax calls to New South Wales police, the hacking of forums and abusive spam.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Is discredited author Jill Havern, a fit person to be a driving instructor?

Is discredited author Jill Havern, a fit person to be a driving instructor?

Havern, who operates the Freeway Driving School at Copston Grove, Birmingham, has -

* admitted making a hoax call to New South Wales Police, alleging that a well known blogger physically abused his mother.

* posted her victim's confidential information on a blog - plus personal information regarding his late father.

* has been banned from numerous online forums for abuse, intimidation and again - the posting of personal information and emails.

* Was forced to withdraw untrue remarks about the blogger - Mike Hitchen - from her website.

* openly supports Jeremy Young, a blogger infamous for making sexual remarks about his stillborn baby. Widespread concern for the welfare of his new child, prompted Bradford police and "other agencies" to investigate. Due to Data Protection, no further information was released.

* participated in intimidation of her target - plus anyone blogger connected with him.

* associates flooded a business directory with false testimonials

Considering her unethical and in some cases - illegal conduct, her professional integrity must be questioned. What happens if one of her pupils annoy her? will she post their personal details on the Internet as well? After all, she has a proven and demonstrated track record in doing so.

As a parent - would you trust this person to teach your teenager to drive?

If you live in Birmingham and wish to learn to drive - I would advise sticking to driving schools whose integrity is proven.