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About Jill Havern

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Jill Havern is an author who also operates the Freeway Driving School in Selly Oak, Birmingham, U.K. We first met when I was blogging about the tragedy of Madeleine McCann.

Wherever Jill went, she caused suspicion. Information people had given her was "accidentally" leaked to others. I had personal experience of her "accidental" leaks when she went to another forum and published an entire email I had sent her.

Jill wrote a book called "Silent Treatment" in which she makes allegations about the British National Health Service. She gratefully accepted my suggestion that I write a review of her book and keep it on top of my popular blog for a couple of days. Later, she asked me to write a foreword for her new book - I accepted. It is at this time that Jill showed her true, twisted colours.

Unprovoked I came under attack from Jeremy Young, the man who makes sexual remarks about his stillborn daughter. A couple of times I asked Jill about the foreword, but she seemed more interested in trying to entice me into a, "I'm a naughty girl" conversation - something she did many times in posts to my blog - hence the title of this particular blog.

For some reason best known to herself, Jill somehow thought I either wasn't interested in writing the foreword - or in her. Or both.

She hooked up with Jeremy Young and became a key player in his attacks on myself and anyone who supported or was connected to me.

Attempts to publish abusive, intimidating and threatening comments were made to my blog - in their thousands. Then came the publication of personal information to a wide variety of forums, including those of national newspapers. Much of this information was years old and stolen from forums where we could at that time, post in relative safety. This included details of my relationships, family and family background. My late father's personal information was posted, along with his work history.

When I wrote the review for "Silent Treatment" Jill kindly sent a free copy to my mother. When she jumped into bed with the Bradford sicko, she then started attacking her. A 75 year old woman became the target for her venom. Her first tactic was threatening to send her hate mail.

She then boasted about how she lodged a hoax complaint to police that I abused my mother. This resulted in two officers from the New South Wales police calling on Feb 12. Havern then joked about it on Young's blog and private forums. My mother was present when the police called and aware of what had been happening. When it was explained and the two officers had seen copies of the emails and attempted posts, they dismissed it as the work of a "sick nutter".

Then came the spoof blogs designed to mislead readers into thinking that I publish them. They contain my name, photograph and have almost identical URLs to my own legitimate business blogs. They contain pornographic images and altered photographs of myself and people connected with me.

To add insult to injury, Jill also complained that I didn't write the foreword for her book! When I wrote and published a review of her book, I did so for free. I told her I would do the same for the foreword. That did not stop Havern telling everyone that she did not expect me to do it for nothing and had donated $50 to my blog. What she omitted to mention, was that a couple of months previously she posted to my blog that she had donated $50 to another blogger for his trip to Portugal!

Somewhere in the twists and turns of her dimly lit cobble stoned mind, I became the bad guy.

Havern and Young suit each other - proof that like attracts like.

The above is given as background information on a woman who not only defends a man who talks about people masturbating over images of his dead daughter, and relations between seven year olds and their mothers, but willingly helps him in his attacks on those who speak out against someone most right minded people would describe as a sick pervert.

UPDATE: 10 Feb 2008. Email received today (one of many from the same person - one claiming that Havern had been boasting she had made the police close me down. Oh dear, the truth is so difficult for some)
"Fro your blog, your talking about the spoof blog which was completely
masterminded by Jill Havern and you said "legal action is pending" (as per below). She got away with it and there's now the anna raccoon blog which is having a right pop at you as I said earlier, just when you thought she'd let go....................................."

Monday, June 16, 2008

Claims British MP used his influence to defend man at centre of police investigation

It has been claimed that a British MP actively intervened and used his influence to defend a man who is at the centre of police investigations into alleged harassment. The following statement appeared on a blog created by supporters of Jeremy Young - a man who has repeatedly described others wishing to masturbate over images of hiss stillborn baby - images he writes about being kept "among the porn on my pc".

Thanks also to the Bradford MP who also got involved to help fight Jeremy Young's corner.

Along with his supporters, Young has been reported to police in three countries for systemised harassment of those involved in raising awareness of child welfare issues. The harassment includes spoof blogs using sexually offensive material - including the use of images of babies taken without permission from an NSPCC awareness campaign, obscenely altered photographs of a 75 year old woman - who was the admitted target of a hoax complaint with New South Wales Police, and the public ridicule of a British teacher and her school by posting a fake article involving sexual activity.

If the claim is true, the question must be asked why an MP in a city dubbed "the city of missing children" would intervene to protect a man at the centre of investigations by West Yorkshire Police and the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

I have contacted the MP for Young's constituency to allow him the opportunity to confirm or deny such a serious allegation of misuse of public office. Details of the claim have also been sent to The Home Office for comment.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

How Young and his cohorts work

This is an example of how Jeremy Young and his cohorts such as Jill Havern, discredited operator of the Freeway Driving School, Copston Grove, Birmingham work.

As you can see it is a direct rip-off of this blog. If you are wondering why there is so much edited, it is because this little charmer used the person's real name and school.

The matter has been reported to West Yorkshire police (Bradford) along with examples of how Young had fabricated statements made by Bradford Police.

On his blog, Young, from a city described in Australian media as the "city of missing children" he has also published the names of address of other females - merely because they are connected with me.

Young always picks on females - but considering his family history, that is hardly surprising.

How's your wife and baby Jeremy? Have you described in lurid detail others masturbating over their image as you did with your stillborn baby?

Jeremy Young does a runner - a coward as well as an exploiter of his own baby

This was posted on one of the many spoof blogs created in my name. The statements they make concerning West Yorkshire Police are untrue. I have received NO SUCH instruction from West Yorkshire Police. It is the second time they have fabricated statements by West Yorkshire Police. Both Sgt Alan Travis at Bradford South, and the IPCC who are investigating, have been informed.

Silence is Golden

I think we can now safely say that exposing the 'hidden agenda' of Mike Hitchen as the 'Pervert who exploited, and cashed in on, Madeleine McCann' - as opposed to his self-proclaimed mission of being 'The Voice for Madeleine McCann' - has been worthwhile. It is now apparent what his agenda was - money.

He saw a golden opportunity to make money from the tragedy of a 3 year old girl, and he grabbed it with both hands. As he was being 'exposed' he turned his humiliation into a hate campaign involving innocent people and babies in order to try to drag them down with him.

First he had his website suspended until he removed all libellous and offensive material. And now he's been told to clean up his blog. He's almost complied with the police request by removing all but one of his libellous blogs, as he clings on to the last remaining thread of what's left of his dignity after being publicly exposed and humiliated.

Just a little more persuasion by West Yorkshire Police to Hitchen to finish his cleaning task and I think we will see the end of this hate campaign. Jeremy will also work on having all the filth about him removed from the internet, for the sake of his baby son, but that will take time. The McCanns have been informed of Hitchen's activities, and what they do about him selling their daughters trademarked name is their business.

Thank you West Yorkshire Police. Thanks also to the Bradford MP who also got involved to help fight Jeremy Young's corner.

Thank you, also, to everyone else who contributed to these blogs to help rid the internet of the hideous hate campaign against Jeremy and his babies, JKH, and Jane Freer, which was instigated by Mike Hitchen and finished by us.

Unless anything else happens - such as the publication of the video about Jeremy's stillborn baby - these blogs will remain here until such time as Hitchen removes all libel from the internet, but they won't be updated as there is no point in rattling Hitchen's cage. The maggot has gone underground where he belongs and we consider his silence a victory.

His blog and secret forum are pretty much defunct. He has been told to behave and I hope he does.

If not, we will be back.

Thank you,

Blog Owner

As I said, I have not received any request from West Yorkshire Police. The only request I received was from Bravenet, the host of my business website. Young and his cohorts made numerous references to my business website and URL, and I felt I had the right to address those allegations. I am currently discussing the situation with Bravenet's legal department.

What they also fail to mention is that they had been pulling their spoof blogs for some time before I decided to delete a few blogs that I had created to tell the true story of young and his children.

As for Young working on removing what he describes as "filth" about him - bullshit. The only thing remaining are the blogs. Blogger will not remove content without a court order. As for West Yorkshire Police ordering me to remove content - I live in Sydney. I hardly think a neighbourhood watch desk jockey has jurisdiction in New South Wales..

My will not be removed - but I can't make the same guarantee about the son whose welfare is a grave concern to many.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The truth behind Jeremy Young - Bradford's "stillborn baby" sicko

A new video documentary will soon be launched detailing the true story of Jeremy Young's stillborn baby. It is a story of betrayal by both Young and his wife - a woman so inadequate and so unconcerned about her children, that she sat back and watched as Young, the caring father, described in lurid detail others "wanking" over the image of his dead baby. Not the sort of remark I would expect from a father - even one with a chemically eroded brain - and not the sort of support one would expect from a devoted mother.

This is the same man who in between taking bizarre photographs of a dead baby, (one has to wonder why considering his use of child porn in online campaigns against bloggers) writing poems about mental disorders, a seven year old boy having "experience" with his mother (who was the boy and who was the mother Jeremy?) and children being "belted" by drunken fathers, wrote about drinking wine while pulling his daughter's image from "among the porn on my PC".

It is the story of the incompetence of West Yorkshire police. The same police force so heavily criticised for their mishandling of the Shannon Matthews case were happy to ignore the use of child porn because it was put in the "too hard basket" by officers who plead ignorance of the law as a cop out. Concern for Young's new born child was dismissed by both the police and Britain's notoriously inefficient social services. It was a Yorkshire social services department that boasted they had monitored Shannon "very, very closely until the day she disappeared"? We all know how effective that strategy was don't we?

Bradford was described on Australian radio as the city of missing children. questions were asked about how so many children could go missing without the education department, police or social services, doing anything about it. That's easy to answer. Total incompetence and indifference.

Britain has a dark history of child abuse and child neglect, and Jeremy Young is a man who continues to exploit his daughter for his own agenda, aided and abetted by

* a man whose blog is adorned with an image of a penis and littered with the C word
* A discredited author and discredited driving instructor whose driving school business directory entry was suddenly filled with glowing testimonials from people who would have had to fly to Selly Oak for a lesson
* Those who hid behind me while I did what they lacked the courage to do themselves.
* A graphic designer from Swansea banned from almost every forum for attacking those who question the McCanns, and who is allegedly known to Robert Murat's lawyers for similar tactics. It is she who is reported to be behind the fake i On Global Trends entry naming a teacher and her school, as being involved in a sex scandal.

In other words, a rag-tag army of life's rejected and life's losers. It is no wonder so many decent professional people have concerns for the safety and welfare of his new born son.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Australian businessman calls for boycott of British driving school run by discredited author Jill Havern

Australian businessman Mike Hitchen, has today called for a boycott of The Freeway Driving School in Selly Oak, Birmingham, run by discredited author Jill Havern.

Havern is a keen supporter of known child pervert Jeremy Young, a housing association tenant in Bradford, well known to police and social services following numerous sexual comments he made about his stillborn baby - and concern for his newborn baby.

Havern has been instrumental in several spoof blogs set up in Mr Hitchen's name in which unfounded allegations have been made against him. The tactics have involved the fabrication of statements by West Yorkshire Police.

Havern has previously admitted and boasted about making a hoax call to NSW police, alleging Mr Hitchen abuses his mother - a call that led to he rbeing labelled a "sick nutter" by visiting police.

Havern has in the past been the subject of a complaint to West Midlands Police and the Driving Standards Authority after the sudden and mass appearance of testimonials on her driving school's business directory page.

Mr Hitchen, a well known and respected blogger was quoted as saying, "Would you let your son or daughter learn to drive with a woman who openly supports a man who talks about others masturbating over images of his stillborn baby and whose business ethics are open to question?"

Saturday, May 3, 2008

West Yorkshire police - we are the victims, not Jeremy Young and his cohorts

I received a very unprofessional email from a PC at Bradford Police informing me that Young had lodged a complaint against. The email contained what was in effect a "gagging order"on an Australian resident living in Sydney. It was clear the PC had only listened to one side of the story, a fact confirmed by her supervisor when I checked the authenticity of the email. "I have read your official complaint and can see that this is clearly not a one sided matter and that Mr Young has also acted inappropriately with his internet behaviour. Due to this he will be given exactly the same request as you have to be mindful of the posts that both he and those linked to him make." Abusive posts on obscene spoof blogs continue.

This is my response to PS Alan Travis

Dear Alan,

Thank you for confirming the email was genuine. I will make my position

The Victims

My mother
My father
My online and offline friends - including a dear departed friend
My former fiancee
My associates

We are the victims - and we all strongly resent being depicted and treated
as the villains in this issue.

i On Global Trends, had a great community going until Young and his
supporters chose to spoil it. Innocent people suddenly found themselves the
target of the malicious, twisted venom of Young and his supporters. Many
were mature aged females new to blogs and online forums. His victims rightly
felt intimidated and scared.

Example: "Cloning names is the reason why I post as anonymous".

My readers enjoyment of the Internet was spoiled by a systemised and
deliberate hate campaign started and encouraged by Young. Let's not forget,
we were not his first victims - he targeted other blogs before he chose to
target mine. It's what he does. As media here would say - it's how he gets
his rocks off.

Take a look at my blogs. Do you see altered images of others? Do you see
vulgar or obscene language or "adult" images? Do you see false allegations?
Do you see impersonation of other posters?


But I can tell you several places where you will see it - and they all lead
back to Young.

This is just one example of an attempted post to my blog on Nov 27 - shortly
after the harassment began. It was sent in the full knowledge that it would
also go to two female moderators. I have censored certain words. The
original was uncensored. As with all examples I have sent, I hold the
originals, including unclicked, "publish" or "reject" links.

"Your such a (expletive deleted) slut,you big fat (expletive deleted) b*ch,
you and your Captain Paedophile Birdseye. you're too (expletive deleted)
thick to see he is a ar** (expletive deleted)-hole will come
to you as your worst nightmare! shame on you!do you get that dick face
little girls too? you think you're good slut? you just say idiots, is that
the only word you know? or is your (C word expletive deleted) drooling that
much? shut your (expletive deleted) mouth and do what your master has
(expletive deleted) paid for. btw how much does the stinking man pays for
you? Don't bother! What a (expletive deleted) B***h Sucker."

It is nice to know that Young's child will grow up in an environment where
intellectual freedom of expression is actively encouraged.

Messages such as the above were sent night after night in rapid succession.
I have kept 153 of the milder insults and threats. The rest, (apart from the
above example) were not something I wanted to keep. At one stage, there were
over 2,500 in my "Abuse" folder. Can you imagine the effect of having to
cope with high-intensity abuse on a nightly basis?

Distress to his family.

Bulldust. He made remarks about my family, my mother and my father, long
before I made remarks about the daughter whose memory he publicly betrayed
by repeatedly using the child as a sexual tool in his campaign against
myself and anyone remotely connected with me.

I remind you that remarks attributed to me (often altered from the original)
were made in private forums - forums they publicly boast about hacking into
or infiltrating. Posts to my new private forum are still being copied and
pasted to spoof blogs created by his fan club.

* It was Young and his supporters who made remarks public.

* Young not only allowed them to do so, he allowed the comments to stay and
gleefully advertised their presence. Links to the comments were posted on
other blogs.

* If Young was as distressed and worried about his family as he now
conveniently claims, he would have -

(1) asked his "team" to refrain from doing so
(2) removed the comments
(3) ceased the attacks on myself, family and supporters. Instead, he not
only continued the attacks, they gained in intensity and became more

* Young's alleged distress is of his own making - not mine. It's that

The touchy-feely stories he now tries to peddle is of no interest to me -
gullibility is something I leave to others. I endured several months of
abuse before I created the latest blog, and the simple truth is that the
bully boy can dish it out, but can't take it. Hard luck.

The day before Christmas Eve, a reader tried to post a comment in my
defence. She mentioned that her father had recently died and his funeral was
on Christmas Eve. Young and his followers made fun of both the poster and
her father.

I don't give a toss about any distress caused to Young. I care about the
distress caused to his innocent victims and their families. He had - and
still has - the power to stop it. He made the call not me.

I have no time for those who make choices then complain about any
undesirable consequences of their actions. Nor am I interested in portrayals
of Young as the poor, innocent, loving family man. He is the one who talked
publicly about others masturbating over his images of his stillborn baby and
"pimping" her out. If he said that to anyone in Sydney, he would soon find
out what distress really is.

It's a pity that Young's concern for his family did not include less time
blogging about others, and more time spent looking after his pregnant wife.

Incidentally, I notice the Constable chose to comment on my remarks, but not
on the utterly distasteful remarks made by Young about myself.

My Actions

I have said nothing in my blogs that is either illegal or unethical. I use
Young's own words and actions - words and actions he himself had already
made public.

PC Thomas's Email

The letter I received from your PC was unprofessional. I have experience
with police media units within NSW, and had that letter been written here,
it would have been tossed in the rubbish bin where it belongs. Not only did
it contain spelling mistakes, lack of punctuation and grammar - it gave the
wrong message to the intended target audience. It was the unprofessional
standard of the letter that caused me to doubt its authenticity.

You describe a "polite request". If it was intended to be a request, PC
Thomas, should have made that fact clear but she failed to do so.

"take note of this letter and refrain from posting any further details about
Mr Young and his family on either your websites or any other forums you
access." would not be perceived as a request - it would be perceived as a
directive. It is the responsibility of the messenger to ensure the recipient
understands the message - not that of the recipient.

"West Yorkshire Police are in contact with Mr Young who will report any
further incidents." would similarly be perceived as a thinly veiled threat.

I take strong exception to PC Thomas's description of my actions as: "some
sort hate campaign". It is totally inaccurate and again unprofessional. The
thousands of comments on Young's own blog, in addition to those on the spoof
blogs, would constitute a hate campaign.

Myself and others were concerned for the welfare of his new child - and
given his long history of bizarre behaviour, we had every right to have such
concerns. I went public to raise awareness of these concerns on behalf of
myself and others.

It appears that those who are vested with the responsibility of protecting
children, allow an atmosphere of intimidation against those who raise
concerns. It's interesting that while the NSPCC and Social Services thanked
me for bringing these issues to their attention - Bradford police have not.
Instead, I have been treated as the offender.


Even if we were in the same country, mediation would not be an option. It
incorrectly suggests that I too am to blame. I totally reject any such
suggestion. I exercised my right of reply to Young's actions.


There are two options and neither are negotiable.

Option One

* Young makes a public apology to myself, my family, my friends and my
associates. He will specifically mention people I nominate. If the Daily
Express can apologise to suspects in a major crime, Young can apologise to
the innocent victims of his campaign of harassment.

* Young and any party connected to Young, will immediately cease harassment
of myself; family; friends or associates, in any media or form of
communication - electronic or otherwise. This includes but is not limited
to: blogs, websites, public or private forums, chat rooms, attempted posts
to blogs, email, faxes, telephone, text messages, mail (as has been
threatened - "how would your mother like to get this in the mail").

* His blog may remain. The damage is already done. However -

* All spoof blogs are to be taken down. Once removed, they are not to be
reopened in any other guise in any media or form of communication -
electronic or otherwise.

These are quite reasonable conditions. If Young and his associates are as
concerned about the safety and welfare of his family as they claim to be,
compliance should not present a problem.

It is now up to Young to decide his priorities.

PC Thomas advised: "West Yorkshire Police are in contact with Mr Young who
will report any further incidents" I expect the same level of cooperation.

If Young agrees, I will initially accept email confirmation of his
agreement. However, I would require written confirmation signed by a senior
officer. My home address is well known thanks to Young and his cohorts, but
for your convenience it is also contained in my sigline.

I understand the difficult position you are in, and I appreciate that you
realise it is not as clear cut as it may have been presented to you. I thank
you for the opportunity to put not just my side of the story - but that of
other victims of Young's activities.


Mike Hitchen

Note: In addition to the above, Young and his team's tactics also include:

* Posting a comment in my name to the Sun Herald, then boasting when it was published.

* Inundating online forums such as the Mirror Forum and 3arguidos with comments and personal information about myself and anyone connected with me.

It does not take a rocket scientist to work out that these are organised, systemised attacks on a massive scale - involving full time tracking of my activities. It is systemised stalking. It is up to the British police to (1) Discover who is behind these attacks (2) what is their real agenda. It is up to the police look after the victims of crime - not protect the perpetrators

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